20 augusti 2012

Dragon Maas

It's been a while ago since I bloged about this fellow (since I bloged at all, actually). It's time to show him of!
Hace timepo que escribi sobre este muchachito, ya es hora de enseñarlo!
Este dragon hambriento es my propio diseño

This is my own design, a hungry little dragon. 

His name is Maas (that's spanish for moooore)
Se llama Maas

He has little horn and scales on the side
Tiene cuernitos y escamas

His wings are still to small, so his flying is a little bumpy and clumsy
Sus alitas son demaciado pequeñas ahun, asi que su buelo es muy torpe 

Maas has eaten all his cereals, but is still hungry! Maybe I'll need to feed him a knight.... 
Maas se ha comido todos sus cereales pero aun tiene hambre! Tendre que darle un caballero para merendar...

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