3 oktober 2011

A lot of small crochet projects....

I read somewhere that you should have different knit and crochet projects, to spare your hands from making the same movements all the time (and so you won't get bored, of course).  But I think I'm using that excuse  a little too far....
Last week I bought two box, one for my amigurumi projects, and one for my christmas projects.

In the amigurumi box is:

1. half a head of a polar bear/panda/golden panda-thingi that I'm making from this yarn of islandic wool that I got during my visit to Island this summer. I just haven't decide the shape of the body yet.

2. This little fellow, waiting to get some legs and tail

- They all look like aliens to me, says the fiance. 
 I think he looks more like Jiji 
But actually he is inspired from this little cats I made for a cat aid organization to use in their homepage.
THEY on the other hand are inspired from my amazingly cute bottle of water, that you can see a glimpse of in the picture above.

There is also:

3. a new Roxy

Ears, head, arms and paws done

4. an islandic fox


I'm thinking white roxy with icelandic pattern, and of course icelandic wool

5. a little monster, 

6. and some new dolls to put the pattern on Etsy. The pattern is done, the dolls aren't

Thats the amigurumi project box. The christmas project box is secret for now...

Tengo muchos proyectos sin terminar! Y aquí no enseño ni siquiera todos. Los regalos de navidad son secretos por ahora...

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