16 juni 2010

Popcorn moves to Argentina

A couple of weeks ago, I send my favourite doll Popcorn to my cousin in Argentina, as a thanks for helping me with this blog. I was a little worry, because I hadn't heard anything from them. It turns out they've move recently, but thankfully, the portier from the old place held her save. Now that she has arrive I can show the pictures, since it was a surprise.

This are the pictures of the sad goodbyes from her friends is Sweden.

Here she gets a big hug from her friend Mylo
 Mylo is bigger, bur Popcorn doesn't weight much, so Mylo just lift her to her arms for a good hug.
The Ugly Doll (she has a different name, I just cant remember what it is) is sad but gives Popcorn some tips for surviving in the new world.
 Poor Yellow Toad! He thinks he has been forgotten!
But Popcorn doesn't forget her best friend

 Bye! I'm leaving now for Argentina! I promise to write!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Önskar Popcorn lycka till i sitt nya liv:) Hoppas att vi får se mer av henne.
    Kram Annika

  2. Jag har blivit utlovad bilder från Argentina, så vi får se!